This hilarious novelty gift looks just like a TV remote control, but is in fact a great way to try and control your partner! The Control Your Woman Remote Controller offers a unique way to get your perfect woman through the powers of a simple device (not guaranteed, but it’s a nice thought). Simply press a button and hope that your command comes true. We specifically like the breast buttons, which don’t seem to work but get the most use!Our Control Your Woman Remote Controller makes a hilarious Valentine’s Day, Birthday gift or stocking filler. If your partner seems to have turned into a nagging whinge-bag with no sex drive then the Control Your Woman Remote Controller could be the answer you have been looking for!

Product Features

  • No Batteries Required – Powered By Positive Thinking
  • Exert Absolute Control Over Subject
  • Point At Subject: Press Button: Hope For Best

LIST PRICE – $30.99 –  SAVE an AMAZING $30.96

SALE PRICE NOW ONLY- $8.06 – includes FREE SHIPPING – Only One Day Delivery

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