The MoviePix MP-136 Kids Digital Video Camcorder can take quality video. It can also take 3.1 Mega Pixel resolution images. With a 1.5″ color LCD monitor, you can review your images or video. Exposure and color balance can either be adjusted automatically or allowed to be changed manually. A 4x digital zoom gives you more flexibility and lets you capture your memories with the desired detail. A MODE button can let you switch rapidly between taking movies, taking pictures and recording voice. Connect to your computer via a USB. This product also works as a portable storage device and a Web camera as well. The SD memory card slot allows you to increase the storage capacity to 4GB.

Product Features

  • Digital Video Camcorder
  • 1.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
  • 3.1 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
  • Webcam, Video Clips, Voice Recorder
  • Built-in SD Slot, 4X Digital Zoom, TV Out

LIST PRICE $49.95 


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