In this digital age there is still a place for knots, skimming stones, and stories of incredible courage. Based on the bestselling book for every boy from eight to eighty, The Dangerous Book for Boys Game stimulates curiosity and makes for great father-son bonding activities by introducing essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses, learning how to fish, finding true north, and even answering the age old question of “what the big deal with girls is!”

Product Features

  • The amazing adventure game based on the best-selling book
  • Use your skills to complete solo/group challenges, test your knowledge of facts from the book or put your mental agility to the test
  • Each success wins you a puzzle piece so you can “build” a raft and sail off the island
  • The first adventurer to travel along the whole track and complete their raft can sail away into the sunset in victory
  • Includes game board, 90 one-man challenge cards, 70 group challenge cards, 40 resource cards, 20 flag cards
  • Also 24 tracking sticks, 32 stars, 1 die, 1 sand timer and instructions
  • Also includes 20 raft pieces, 10 cardboard planets, 4                                                                                                                                             wooden pawns, 4 folders, 1 piece of string, 1 pad of paper,

LIST PRICE $19.99 – SAVE $2.00   NOW ONLY $17.99

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